Lying peacefully in the valley of the Andaluz mountains, is Alhaurín el Grande.

It is a relatively small town, with an authentic Spanish feel and everything you need for day-to-day life. Located on the northern slope of the Sierra de Mijas, with stunning views over the Malaga valley and its orchards, it is a great place to be if you love the great outdoors and want a real taste of Spain.

The town itself has a pretty old town with white washed houses and winding streets. It also has some great traditional Spanish restaurants, bars and cafes. The new area of the town has a popular area of bars and restaurants offering Spanish and international cuisine and you’ll find good shops and supermarkets in the town as well as a health centre, Town Hall and several schools. It is a very self-contained community, with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of charm.

Alhaurín el Grande is a popular area for foreign residents, who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the coast, but still within easy reach of everything. It’s conveniently located, just over a 30-minute drive from Malaga airport and 20 kilometres from the coast. Recent road improvements mean that the international and buzzing town of Fuengirola is only a 20-minute drive away and access to Marbella has been greatly improved as well.

Property in Alhaurín el Grande offers excellent value for money compared to nearby coastal towns. There is a well-preserved Old Town, as well as new urbanisations with modern properties for sale, rural villas and typical fincas. So there are properties to suit all tastes and your budget stretches a lot further here.

Not to be missed: The orchards, the Moorish archway, the Roman columns.

Fun Fact: When the Romans arrived in this village they gave it the name Lauro Nova, as they believed it was blessed by the gods, to be fertile, temperate and surrounded by hills riddled with valuable mineral deposits. 

Steve Wiley

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