Property dreams in the making

Searching for property on the Costa del Sol is a hugely exciting prospect. The lifestyle dreams that can be realised by owning a home in Southern Spain are usually a lifetime in the making. However, before you start your search, there are several important factors to consider before diving in head first.

Determine your goals and reasons for buying a property on the Costa del Sol. Are you looking for a holiday home, an investment property, or a permanent residence? Your goal will help guide your search and influence the type of property you should consider.

Decide on the type of property that will align with your goal. Options range from apartments and townhouses to villas and luxury estates. Each property type has its pros and cons in terms of maintenance, space, privacy, and potential rental income. Size isn’t always everything.

You may not know which area you want to be in, but you probably have a good idea how you’d like to spend your days. The Costa del Sol is home to a diverse range of neighbourhoods with unique characteristics. Are you looking for a life of peace and tranquillity or do you want to be at the centre of the action?

Don’t overstretch yourself. In today’s economic climate it’s important to remain within your financial comfort zone. If you need financing, speak to us first so we can establish a realistic yet affordable budget to work with. If you’re considering renting out your property when you’re not using it, we need to evaluate its rental potential. We will guide you on rental market trends, popular locations and the demand for different property types. Proximity to amenities, beaches, and golf courses, as well as rental regulations and tax implications in Spain are all important aspects to consider.

Now, let’s get searching!