For that reason, we have a dedicated Interior Design team here at Roccabox, led by Claire Roc, who are skilled at transforming and personalising your space to your style and preferences.

Interior design services are vital for property owners as they enhance visual appeal, functionality, and value of their properties in ways that aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye.

You give us the brief and we’ll make the magic happen.

The importance of interior design

  • Interior design services play a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. Skilled designers have an eye for creating harmonious colour schemes, selecting appropriate furniture and decor, and arranging elements in a way that maximises the space’s beauty. A well-designed interior can create a positive and inviting atmosphere, making the property more appealing to potential buyers or tenants.
  • Optimise functionality and space utilisation. We will analyse the layout and flow of a property and suggest improvements that enhance its efficiency and space. Whether it’s reorganising furniture, improving storage, or changing configurations interior design can significantly enhance the usability and functionality of your property.
  • Reflecting the owner’s style and preferences. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, lifestyle, and needs, and translate that into a cohesive design concept. This personalised touch can create a unique and welcoming environment that resonates with the owner’s taste.
  • Well-designed interiors can significantly increase the value of a property. When potential buyers or tenants visit a property, they often look for well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing spaces that they can envision themselves living or working in. A thoughtfully designed interior can make a strong impression, leading to increased interest, competitive offers and ultimately higher property value.
  • Save time and effort. When you own a property abroad you may not have the time or local knowledge to handle the intricacies of an interior design project. Our design team will co-ordinate the entire process from conceptualisation to installation. We will source materials, furniture, purchases and deliveries and contract reputable tradesmen where required for reforms and renovations. This means you don’t need to be present in Spain during the design process and can arrive with your suitcase ready to enjoy your new beautiful home.