We hope you dusted off your cherished dancing shoes, donned your favorite sombrero and reminisced about a week of excitement as we look back at the past Feria de San Pedro Alcántara! This vivacious celebration was an absolute must for those who wanted to immerse themselves in the heart and soul of this enchanting Spanish town.

The feria revisited

The feria de San Pedro Alcántara, was a week-long extravaganza, kicked off with a spectacular drone spectacle featuring 200 drones illuminating the night sky on October 16th. This mesmerizing display set the stage for a week of revelry from October 16th to the 22nd, as the La Caridad venue transformed into a hub of joy and exhilaration.

A symphony of music

The feria’s crown jewel was undoubtedly its stellar music lineup. In that bygone year, we were enchanted by the performances of renowned artists like Los Secretos, Laura Gallego, El Arrebato and Don Patricio. Their infectious melodies and irresistible beats kept us dancing all night long, creating indelible memories with friends and family.

Exciting memories

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz brought thrilling news to this year’s feria. The festival continued to grow and evolve, with exciting new additions. For the young and the young at heart, a special booth offered fun and the opportunity to forge new friendships during the festivities.

But that wasn’t all. The feria prioritised exclusivity, ensuring that everyone could fully enjoy the celebrations. In this memorable year, upgraded facilities for the elderly replaced portable bathrooms, enhancing the comfort of all attendees.


La Caridad Venue: The perfect host

For the second year running, the feria festivities graced the La Caridad venue, an idyllic setting for this grand event. The city council took back this place as public property to make sure the feria tradition kept going smoothly.

A celebration for all

The Feria de San Pedro Alcántara transcended into being a local event; it was an experience that welcomed people from all walks of life. It proudly showcased the rich cultural heritage of San Pedro Alcántara through its cuisine, music and dance. It was a heartfelt sharing of vibrant Spanish culture with open arms.

Why you had to attend

So, why was attending the feria de San Pedro Alcántara an absolute necessity this year? The answer is simple. This celebration encapsulated the very essence of Spain. It was about coming together, unwinding and rejoicing in life with loved ones. From high-energy music performances to the dazzling street parades, there was something for everyone.

Whether you were a music aficionado, a culinary connoisseur eager to savor traditional Spanish cuisine, or simply someone seeking to submerge themselves in local culture, the feria promised it all. It was a week of delight, laughter and the creation of cherished memories that would endure a lifetime.

Steve Wiley

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