Meet Daniel, one of the owners of Roccabox

Dan’s journey reads like a wild adventure, full of twists, turns, and the perfect property plots! Born and bred in Northampton, UK, Dan’s roots run deep. He’s not just a devoted husband but a super dad of four adorable kiddos.

But hold on to your hairbrushes; Dan’s story takes a sharp turn. After a staggering 15 years of hairdressing in the posh borough of Chelsea, London, he decided to snip his ties to the hair salon and relocate to the sunny shores of Spain. Goodbye hairdos, hello haciendas!

It didn’t take long for Dan to realize that real estate was where his true passion lay. He dove headfirst into the industry, becoming a seasoned real estate agent. Through years of hard work and dedication, Dan developed a deep appreciation for the art of property sales. It was during these adventures in the world of real estate that the idea of Roccabox was conceived. Dan’s vision was to create something truly unique and remarkable.

The Brains Behind Roccabox’s Back-End Magic! His reputation is built on credibility, commitment, and sheer determination. With excellent communication skills and a friendly, warm approach, he’s the kind of director that adds a dash of magic to Roccabox’s behind the-scenes operations.

Having lived in Spain for the past two decades, Dan knows the region like the back of his hand. From London’s hairdressing hotspots to the sunny streets of Spain, Dan’s life journey has been a rollercoaster ride, and now he’s here to make your property dreams come true!