Hailing from Austria and fluent in German, English, and Spanish, Katja Witzeneder is more than just a real estate agent; she’s a global citizen with an extraordinary story to tell.

Katja has called the coast home for an impressive 25 years, bringing with her a wealth of experience and local knowledge. But her journey has taken her far beyond the coastlines, with stints in glamorous destinations like Dubai and Bermuda. Her international exposure has given her a unique perspective that few in the industry can match.

Katja’s passion lies not just in properties, but in people. She thrives on the human connection and finds immense satisfaction in helping her clients make great investments. To her, clients aren’t just transactions; they’re cherished relationships. Katja is also a devoted animal lover, and she understands the unique needs of pet owners when it comes to finding the perfect home for their entire family, including their beloved pets. A pet-friendly home is a happy home, and Katja knows this well.

Katja’s career path was anything but conventional. After working as a freelancer for seven years, fate intervened when she bumped into Dan over a couple of tequilas. This chance meeting led to her joining the Roccabox team. It was one of those unplanned moments that felt destined, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. Speaking of surprises, Katja and Dan share an interesting history. They once worked together as hairdressers, though they didn’t always see eye to eye. In the midst of their stylistic differences, a lovely client named Claire, with masses of hair, would often intervene. Dan would hide in the basement to escape the challenge, and Claire would take it upon herself to make sure he returned to work. Little did they know that their lives would become intricately intertwined in unexpected ways.

Katja’s story takes another twist when she returned from Dubai after two years. She discovered that Dan and Claire, once mere acquaintances, were now happily married and even had a baby together! The surprises didn’t stop there, as each time Katja ran into them, there seemed to be yet another addition to their growing family.

Beyond her real estate expertise, Katja is a person who’s deeply affected by the full moon. Her life is filled with mysteries and unexpected adventures.

Katja Witzeneder is more than a real estate agent; she’s a storyteller, a globe-trotter, and a believer in destiny. With Katja, your real estate journey is bound to be a thrilling adventure.

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